Our Team

Our Core Values

Share our passion, our knowledge, our stories, our abundance. Create a healthy, playful, supportive environment in which to grow. Inspire ourselves and others to answer the call of adventure. Trailblaze, try something new, be bold, have the courage to make mistakes.  Express openly, honestly, considerately, simply. Go with purpose, do what needs to be done, keep it light. Lead, engage, empower.  Embrace this moment, challenges, opportunities, change. Respect ourselves, each other, our clients, our outfitters, our environment. Care, be a friend, encourage, make a difference.

Robby Pitagora – Owner

Operating customized trips with some of the best crews in the industry for over 35 years has made Robby an expert on river adventures. Having rafted over 50 rivers from the Alsek in Alaska to the Zambezi in Zambia, his favorite river is close to home: Grand Canyon’s Colorado River. Robby believes that every trip can be an opportunity to inspire people and build a direct connection with nature.

Why I love my work – Coming in each day and seeing all my motivated, happy colleagues. They all take such joy in helping people find adventures. What I offer is a great attitude and decades of experience in the adventure travel industry.

What travel has taught me – Every step can be an adventure.  Meeting new people, going to new places and learning about different cultures is rich and rewarding.  The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know. It is humbling, eye-opening and exciting all at the same time.

How I am a friend to the environment When I shop, I consider the resources it took to make the product or service I am buying and who I am buying it from. Are they helping to create sustainable economic situations that help people and our natural environment? We vote everyday with our wallets and how we spend our money.  We can make a huge difference for this planet if we make good decisions on how we spend our resources.

Jennifer Outland – Vice President

Although born in the Arizona desert, Jennifer could swim before she could walk; her love of water has been present ever since. Living on the Big Island of Hawaii for four years was her initiation into the big blue sea, which gave her a deep respect and love for the ocean. She’s had many adventures at sea from French Polynesia to Panama, to Antarctica and the Arctic. Jennifer believes fully in the power of nature to bring us home to our essence.

Why I love my work – Partnering with outfitters who are doing amazing things out in nature and connecting clients to these great experiences. It’s a win-win. I offer our clients an abundance of travel experience, a knack for matching people to trips, and a love of adventure that inspires others to get out there.

What travel has taught me –  I have learned that the world is a friendly place.  Our earth is a magical place full of wonder.

How I am a friend to the environment – I believe it’s the little things that add up to make a big difference. A few things I do to minimize my impact are: taking my own bags to the grocery store, using cloth napkins at home, using environmentally friendly cleaning products, hanging my laundry to dry rather than using the gas-powered dryer, recycling, and traveling with a water bottle so I can refill rather than having to buy plastic bottles. Being mindful of our individual impact is key to making a difference.

Megan Prescott – Operations Manager

Megan’s river trip experience began early when her parents brought her on her first trip at 18 months old. Growing up with a river guide father meant that Megan has had many amazing experiences on the rivers of the American west, including Desolation Canyon, the Main Salmon, and of course the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River. While she doesn’t have a favorite river (she thinks they are all unique), her favorite part of a river trip is becoming part of a tribe.

Why I love my work – I enjoy getting to know wonderful new people, clients and outfitters.  It’s greatly rewarding to connect with those who are willing to take a giant leap of faith outside of their comfort zones into the unknown! I offer my clients a shared enthusiasm for daring to take on an adventure, and compassion for when they need some reassurance and motivation to take the leap into a fantastic and rewarding experience!

What travel has taught me – I have learned that the adventure begins before we even leave our doorsteps and, to quote Katherine Hepburn in A Philadelphia Story, “the time to make your mind up about people is never.”

How I am a friend to the environment – I practice “leave no trace” principles everywhere I go whether it is in a remote wilderness, National Parks, neighborhoods, and even around town. I take nothing, but pictures and do my best to leave nothing but footprints. “Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.” -Terry Tempest Williams

Bianca Aiken – Custom Adventure Booking Specialist

Bianca set out to become a Grand Canyon river guide right after high school and after just one summer, she was hooked! Over the years, she has traveled to east Africa, spending time on safari exploring the wild and remote African desert wilderness. Bianca believes that adventure helps us to make genuine connections with people and she enjoys igniting a spark of adventure in her clients.

Why I love my work – Being a part of a supportive family that works hard to enrich each other’s lives as well as our clients. I offer 8 years of experience as a commercial raft guide in Grand Canyon, but mainly my enthusiasm and belief in the transformative experience of wild water.

What travel has taught me –  I have learned that humility, practiced often, opens us up to profound experiences. I’ve never been able to make, force, or craft magical moments. They only seem to come when I am open, humble, and present.

How I am a friend to the environment – Environmental stewardship is a part of every aspect of my family’s life. My husband and I are always brainstorming new ways to care for our planet. We’ve installed solar panels on our house that generate nearly 90% of our household energy usage; are longtime members of our Community Supported Agriculture program, which supports local, organic small farmers; and purchase our dairy and eggs locally from friends. We also work hard to educate and advocate every chance we get.

Francesca Bob – Adventure Booking Specialist

An adventurer at heart, Francesca takes every opportunity she can to live a life full of travel and exploration. A solo backpacking trip in southeast Asia showed her how strangers can become friends, challenged her to step out of her comfort zone, and left her with a great sense of gratitude for every day comforts and confidence in her capabilities. Francesca believes that water is energy that engages all our senses and that when we partake in water excursions we heal, feel, connect, and cleanse.

Why I love my work – Playing a role in creating a magical lifetime experience for clients and getting to talk about adventure every day. I also love the positive, uplifting work environment of like-minded colleagues who share a similar zest for outdoor exploration and adventure. I offer an enthusiastic, stress free approach to water travel and logistical planning. I love helping clients overcome their doubts and nerves, and start getting them excited for an epic adventure.

What travel has taught me –  The earth is vast and ever changing. Despite cultural, environmental & language variances there is still the common thread of love and desire to feel connection that we all share.  I have learned to keep an open mind when embarking on new experiences and always try the recommended cuisine.  

How I am a friend to the environment Recycling is a must in my home. Whenever I go on a hike or simple stroll through the neighborhood I always keep a plastic bag on hand to scoop up any trash that I come across. I have instilled this practice with my 6 year old son who now lends an eager hand in keeping our beautiful earth clean. We like to partake in community clean ups around town and nearby parks.

Michelle Pappas – Adventure Booking Specialist

Water has always been a way to connect with family and friends for Michelle. Her childhood in Arkansas was spent water skiing, swimming, canoeing, and boating with her family. Later, she met her husband, Sam, on a river rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. Her most memorable adventure was a month long stay in Belize learning how to scuba dive and snorkel, leaving her with a deep connection to the ocean and the friends she met along the way.

Why I love my work – I love helping make people’s travel dreams come true! I offer knowledgeable advice and direction, so that the client can get the most out of their adventure. I ensure they are paired with a trip and outfitter that best suits their unique requests and desires. 

What travel has taught me – You must have patience and a sense of adventure to enjoy the ride of travel!

Julia Lesniak – Marketing Coordinator

After moving to Northern Arizona, Julia began to explore the natural beauty of Arizona and over the past nine years, her thirst to climb mountains and jump into oceans has only grown. Sand sledding in New Mexico, snorkeling in Hawaii, exploring in Big Sur, kayaking in Utah – Julia has done it! Northern Arizona will always hold a special place in her heart as the first place where she was able to let go of fear of the unknown.

Why I love my work – Being able to work and collaborate with extremely unique and thoughtful individuals who help connect others to life changing experiences. I love being able to contribute to a company that values their team and the individuality and creativity each person brings.

What travel has taught me – The more you explore, the bigger your thirst for adventure becomes.

How I am a friend to the environment – I want to respect what nature has to offer and believe even the smallest efforts can make a huge difference – I walk as much as possible, pick up trash whenever I see it and always leave no trace when hiking or camping.


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