We started in 1987 in Grand Canyon and today we offer more than 60 unique adventures worldwide from expedition cruises in Antarctica, to river rafting in Zambia. We’re a service-oriented team with decades of travel experience and a network of over 40 different outfitters around the world who are experts at creating exceptional experiences for adventurers.

We know that the decision to go on an adventure is the easy part; wading through websites and brochures can be overwhelming and time consuming. Think of us as a friend you can call who already knows the terrain. We’ve got the connections, we take the time to listen so we can offer an adventure that best fits you, and there is no fee for our service, ensuring the cost of your expedition is the same as booking direct.

We believe that outdoor adventures connect us to something greater and that’s why we’re here to make it easy for you to venture out.


Just as a river shapes a canyon, the love of Tim and Pam Whitney has shaped Rivers & Oceans. Tim and Pam met in 1984 in Marble Canyon, Arizona as adventure travel was just beginning to take off. Pam was a manager for a Grand Canyon rafting company and Tim met her when he applied for a job as a boatman. Tim loved to tell the story of how he got the job…and the girl!

In the 80s’, the number of outfitters offering rafting trips in Grand Canyon was growing and information on booking river trips was hard to come by. Tim and Pam saw a need for a travel company that could help people in their search to find their best water adventure. They started Rivers & Oceans together in 1987 with the vision of booking adventure trips from the Colorado River to the Sea of Cortez.

World travelers themselves, Tim and Pam have explored rivers from Arizona to Papua New Guinea to Zimbabwe and have dove in all the oceans of the world from Borneo to Baja. Over the years they have seen the adventure travel industry grow and have transformed Rivers & Oceans into the single best source for information and reservations for river trips in the American West and select water adventure travel worldwide.

In 2012 Tim passed away leaving a lasting impression in the hearts of those who knew him. A few years later Pam retired leaving Robby Pitagora, a dear friend and fellow river guide, at the helm of Rivers & Oceans. Today, Rivers & Oceans continues to grow from the steady stream that started it 30 years ago, powered by the love of people, water, adventure, nature, and the love of Tim and Pam Whitney.