Gather, Rafting Grand Canyon

Gather ‘Round for Adventure

Coming together makes this time of year special.  We gather with friends and family, sharing joyful moments, home-cooked meals, stories of the past, and our hopes for the future. The value of slowing down and sharing quality time with the ones we love is the true gift of the season.

We believe quality time spent with loved ones should happen MORE than a few times a year.  Planning a group adventure in the great outdoors is a great way to make this happen.

This year when you gather with your friends and family, why not make a resolution to plan a trip that the entire group would enjoy? Here are some of our favorite adventures that are perfect for families and groups, each providing the opportunity for people of every age level and ability to enjoy the experience.

River Rafting Adventures – Simple Pleasures, Big Adventure.

River rafting trips offer a bonding, connecting, and transformative experience for your group. Rafting trips put you in the heart of the great outdoors. No social media notifications chirping or emails chiming; no phones ringing or text messages beeping.  Instead, you are free to take in the simple sounds of nature; a bird singing, water cascading, kids laughing, animals calling, campfires crackling, coyotes howling, and the sweet, magical silence of a starry night. One of the coolest things about a river trip is the way it connects you to your fellow rafters.  Because of the participatory nature of a rafting trip, you quickly get to know everyone in your group by helping out and sharing your time. Days are a pleasant mix of exciting rapids, land explorations, and downtime at camp. Here are a few of our favorite river rafting destinations:

Grand Canyon Rafting
Gather, Whitewater Rafting

Grand Canyon, Arizona – The one and only.

Discover the many hidden treasures of this natural Wonder of the World traveling down the lifeline of the Canyon on the Colorado River. Grand Canyon trips are great for families, children, the young at heart and anyone interested in a having an experience of a lifetime.  Trip lengths range from 1-16 days on motor or non-motor rafts, each offering their own unique experience.  See our Grand Canyon Rafting options in more detail here.

Gather, Utah Rafting
Utah Whitewater Rafting

Utah –  The best of the Southwest!

Home to Canyonlands and Arches National Park as well as Moab, the “adventure capitol of the world”, Utah is a place that epitomizes what the Southwest has to offer. The best Utah river trips for groups and families include the San Juan, Desolation Canyon, Lodore Canyon, and Westwater Canyon.  If your group is looking for something a little more thrilling and advanced, Cataract Canyon and The Yampa River are options that provide an exciting adventure.  Explore all your Utah options here.

Gather, Rogue River
Oregon Rafting

The Rogue River, Oregon – To Camp, or not to Camp…

The Rogue is the quintessential whitewater river trip for multi-generational families.  The moderate whitewater makes for a fun, splashy ride.  Camp is typically set-up on nice, sandy beaches with easy access from the boats; perfect for land adventures, games and cozy campfires in the evening.  If camping isn’t your thing, the Rogue offers lodge trips that combine river time by day with the comfort of indoor amenities in a cozy lodge by night.  Whatever your preference or age, the Rogue can make everyone comfortable.  Explore our Rogue River options here.

Gather, Main Salmon River
Gather, Rafting The Salmon River

The Salmon, Idaho – Pristine waters, vast wilderness, natural flow.

Unblemished by the landmarks of urban development, the vast, unchanging wilderness of Idaho has earned its reputation of being pristine and untamed. Breathtaking scenery, exhilarating rapids, amazing meals, relaxing hot springs, and the simple pleasure of listening to stories told around a campfire leave a lasting impression in the hearts of those who venture out into this wild country.  The Middle-Fork and Main Salmon River are our recommended option for groups and families, which offers a comfortable balance of land activity and soft-moderate level whitewater that various age groups can enjoy.  Explore our Salmon River options here.

Gather, Southeast Alaska Cruising

Expedition Cruising – Inclusive Adventure.

Geared for adventure, expedition cruises are all about being immersed in the unspoiled wonders of nature while enjoying the camaraderie and comforts of life on-board. Being on a smaller ship gives us entrée to places that few get a chance to see. For those of us who see camping as something to be endured rather than enjoyed, expedition cruises give us the opportunity to get out into deep wilderness knowing that we can return for a hot shower and a comfy bed. Expedition cruises offer guests a variety of activities like Sea kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, snorkeling, and other excursions at no extra charge. We offer adventures in the Galapagos Islands, Baja, Hawaii, Alaska, Antarctica, Central America and the Pacific Northwest.  Find out why we love expedition cruises by clicking here.

Expedition Cruising
Gather, Baja Adventure

Multi-Activity Adventures – Your ticket to do it all.

For those looking for an adventure deep in the heart of nature that offers flexibility and variety, our multi-activity expeditions are just the ticket! Many of our multi-activity adventures revolve around a fabulous base-camp set up, offering guests the opportunity to explore new areas and activities during the day, returning to their cozy camp at night. Activities choices abound; try your hand at sea kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing, hiking, zip lining, fishing and rappelling.  Multi-activity adventures are perfect for active guests who want a dynamic and playful experience.  We have multi-activity trips in Baja, Belize, British Columbia and New Zealand.

Gather, Belize
Sea Kayaking in Belize
Snorkeling in Baja Mexico

We’re your adventure concierge – let us help you get together!

Quality experiences with family and friends is an investment worth making, and one that continues to bear fruit for years to come. We’re here to make it easy for you to plan your next gathering. Since 1987, we’ve been partnering with outfitters around the world who share our values and are pros at creating exceptional experiences. We’d love to help you plan your next adventure; give us a call or send us an email and we’ll guide you through.  

Wishing you and yours an adventurous New Year!

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