Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica



Visit a land of extremes and majesty – the enchanting landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula is truly a place few people get to see and one that no one will forget.


Your voyage will be framed by enthusiastic expedition leaders with hands on knowledge to help you understand and explore this vast landscape.


Journey over 3,000 miles on your way to experience the Antarctic Peninsula and emerge with your sense of adventure fulfilled.


Venture out to the seldom visited Falkland Islands and South Georgia, where you will see penguins and other wildlife, family homesteads, cultural museums, and miles of rugged coastline punctuated by glaciers and icebergs.


Travel aboard a ship that has retained the rugged spirit of early expedition vessels but with luxurious conveniences and comforts.


Fewer passengers on-board create more opportunities to go ashore and plenty of time for the expedition team to provide a more immersive experience for their guests.


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This sample itinerary is only a guideline; variations may occur to maximize your experience.

Day 1 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Enjoy the Argentinean leather markets and succulent lamb dishes that make Patagonia famous as you explore the southernmost town in the world. Highlights of Ushuaia include an award-winning museum and trips to nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park and its popular “Train at the End of the World”.

Day 2 – Embark

Arriving at the ship in the afternoon, you will be greeted by your Expedition Team and ship’s officers at a safety and orientation briefing followed by the Captain’s welcome dinner. After dinner, relax and take in the mountainous scenery on our early evening sail down the Beagle Channel past Magellanic Penguin, Rock Cormorant, and Sea Lion colonies.

Day 3 – Southern Ocean

Among the wildlife spotting opportunities as you sail south are the albatrosses, prions, and petrels that frequently follow the ship. Your Expedition Team will be out on deck as well, looking for the whales and dolphins that may also be seen in the area. Our experts will begin the presentations with informative and entertaining talks on the wildlife, history, and geology of the Falkland Islands and Southern Ocean. Helpful briefings on environmental regulations and expedition safety will also be held in the comfortable lounge.

Day 4 – West Falklands

The westernmost settled outposts in the Falklands are remote farms that have been family-owned for six and seven generations. The sheep graze alongside albatross colonies and rockhopper, king, and macaroni penguin rookeries while striated caracaras patrol overhead and upland geese graze at the water’s edge. A visit to one of these homesteads often includes an invitation for cakes and a cup of tea.

Day 5 – Stanley, East Falkland

Chosen for its sheltered harbor and access to abundant fresh water and peat for fuel, Stanley is easy to discover on foot as shops and most services are centered on the port. The museum, the post-office featuring first day covers, plenty of shops with locally made wool items and Stanley’s lively pubs will all be available. It is possible to experience the wildlife of the Falklands from the town, including sea lions and dolphins in the harbor or bird life in nearby Gypsy Cove.

Day 6-7 – Southern Ocean

There will be plenty of wildlife spotting as you make your way east across the Antarctic Convergence and officially enter Antarctic waters. Shipboard presentations will continue featuring the exciting history and abundant wildlife of South Georgia.

Day 8-11 – South Georgia

Its unique position inside the Antarctic Convergence yet outside the limit of the yearly sea ice makes this 3,755-square kilometer island home to tens of millions of breeding penguins, seals, and seabirds. Magnificent mountain scenery, glaciers galore, a rugged coastline punctuated with castellate and tabular icebergs, a rich historical tapestry, and an astounding array of wildlife are all available to us as we travel down South Georgia’s leeward coast. Landing sites feature huge elephant seals, aggressive fur seals, macaroni penguins, albatross, petrels, skuas, and gulls. King penguins from fuzzy little chicks to fattened adults can be seen in the hundreds of thousands. You will visit historic Grytviken whaling station, home of the whaling museum, Norwegian seaman’s church, the active British Antarctic Survey station plus the tiny graveyard where the great Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried.

Day 12-13 – Scotia Sea

The informative presentations and wildlife watching continues as you head farther south and the icebergs become more plentiful.

Day 14-17 – Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands

The land of superlatives, Antarctica! Your Expedition Leader and Captain will create a flexible itinerary based on weather, ice, and opportunity. Approaching the Antarctic Peninsula from the east we cross the northern boundary of the Weddell Sea; this large cold body of water rotates clockwise driving cold water and ice north towards South Georgia and the South Orkney Islands. Large tabular icebergs born in the Weddell drift north into our path while the ocean currents drive nutrients from the deep, feeding countless species of marine animals. Large groups of whales are common, along with scores of seabirds thriving off the bounty the Weddell provides.

Your route will stress the most scenic bays and channels of the Peninsula with stops at penguin rookeries, seal wallows, bird colonies and whale feeding areas as well as sites of historic and scientific interest. The trip may include picturesque Neko Harbor, sheltered Paradise Harbor, Wilhelmina Bay (a favorite of humpback whales!), or the majestic Neumayer Channel. You may also stop at an active scientific base such as Poland’s Arctowksi or a historic base such as U.K.’s Port Lockroy or Wordie House. Adelie, chinstrap and gentoo penguins abound, and Weddell, crabeater and elephant seals are often found hauled out to rest along with predatory leopard seals and the aggressive Antarctic fur seal. Minke and humpback whales are frequent visitors in the late season and orca sightings are also common.

Day 18-19 – Drake Passage

Your lecture series and wildlife spotting will continue as you sail back to Ushuaia and reflect on beautiful Antarctica and its fragile future. You will arrive at Ushuaia in the early hours of Day 20.

Day 20 – Ushuaia, Argentina – Disembark

Morning disembarkation lets you catch a flight to Buenos Aires or stay in Ushuaia for more sights and adventure.

Timing is Everything

During the early season (November), the ice is beginning to break up and it is mating season for the penguins, seabirds, and seals. You may see king penguins laying their eggs or parents carrying eggs on their feet. During the high season (January), penguin chicks are hatching and you are likely to see them chasing after adult penguins in search of food. You may also catch a glimpse of seal pups on the beaches of South Georgia. If your trip is during the late season (February – March), you will have the best chance of spotting whales and fur seals near the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. The penguin colonies are also very active, as the chicks begin to molt and the adults go out to sea in search of food.

Out to Sea!

You will have several days over open ocean on this journey before reaching South Georgia and then the calm waters of the Antarctic Peninsula. The Hebridean Sky has a new fin stabilizer system that provides a smoother trip, but you will still experience sea motion while crossing the Drake Passage.

Adventure Specialists

We’ve been connecting our clients to water adventures around the world since 1987. We partner with select outfitters who share our values and are pros at creating exceptional experiences. There is no fee for our service; we earn our commission from the outfitters we represent, and the cost of your expedition is the same as booking direct.


On Day 1 of your trip, you will arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina to relax and attend an optional evening briefing with the outfitter and your fellow travelers. This night your hotel stay is included and the following morning, you will embark on your journey.


On the last morning of your trip, you will disembark back in Ushuaia, Argentina for your return flight home.

Price Includes

One night hotel stay in Ushuaia before embarking on your trip; all shuttle service from the start of the trip; all meals and beverages on-board including complimentary wine or beer with dinner; expedition jacket; a pair of boots for use during the voyage; Wi-Fi use from public computers in the library; daily international news service; all port fees; digital voyage log; and all scheduled daily activities.


The weather on the Antarctic Peninsula will be chilly, but equivalent to most winter temperatures in North America. Depending on which time of year that you visit, the daily high temperatures will be between 20 – 35°F with January being the warmest month. During this time of year, depressions can come in from the west and bring some precipitation and winds.

Falklands Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica

Traveling to the remote Falkland Islands and South Georgia provide you with an opportunity to visit islands with an astounding array of wildlife and stunning mountainous terrain. Further south, the Antarctic coast is made up of a glaciated mountain range with striking, iceberg-flanked passageways. The least populated continent on Earth also offers some of the most breathtaking scenery.

Group Size

This intimate vessel holds a maximum of 114 guests and 13 expedition staff. The smaller number of guests means that your group will have access to go ashore in areas that larger vessels cannot. The smaller group size also allows each guest to have an immersive experience and access to their knowledgeable guides.

The Boat

Meet the Hebridean Sky – newly renovated, charming, and elegant this vessel has been designed with safety and comfort in mind. It offers a host of new amenities, which includes state of the art stabilization, better fuel efficiency, and completely redecorated interior spaces, including art and artifacts on loan from the Scott Polar Museum. All the accommodations on-board are suites that feature exterior views, sitting area, mini-bar, and private bathroom. The small touches are what make this vessel intimate and reflect the expedition spirit as you sail to Antarctica.


You can look forward to world-class cuisine on the Hebridean Sky. For the early risers, hot coffee and sweet rolls will be waiting or enjoy the regular breakfast of made-to-order eggs, fresh rolls, bacon, fresh fruits, and more. Choose between full lunch service in the main dining room or a light buffet in the bar. The menu changes daily and will offer a choice of four entrées each day including a vegetarian and healthy dining option. For dinner, enjoy soup and appetizers before selecting one of the delicious and exquisitely plated daily entrées with your complimentary wine or beer. Remember to save room for dessert and indulge in a decadent creation by the on-board Pastry Chef with your perfectly paired dessert wine. The outfitter can also cater to all dietary restrictions.


Length: 20 days
Price: $13,995 – $31,995 per person
Season: November;
January – March
Min. Age: 13 years
Activity: Expedition Cruise
Adventure Level: Strong