Thank you for your help with coordinating this adventure. It was a trip that we will not forget. We plan to share with others that have expressed interest.

-Robin T.


Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, world-famous beaches, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for visitors with something for everyone. The Hawaiian way of life is friendly, laid back, and a continuation of the unique and rich culture of the islands. Visitors have a chance to be immersed in all the colors, sights, and sounds of this melting pot of cultures and engage the senses on thrilling and awe-inspiring outdoor adventures.

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Coming Home

A sense of belonging is something that everyone craves, even if it is difficult to define. We long to find people who understand, support, and recognize the unique traits and talents that we each individually have to offer. Our vice president, Jennifer Outland,...

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Adventure Spotlight – The Drake Passage

Antarctica is considered the last great wilderness on Earth. Untouched by civilization and steeped in stark, chilling beauty, visitors are bound to experience a place unlike any other. The voyage to Antarctica is considered a rite of passage, especially...

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Adventure Spotlight: The Five Finger Lighthouse

Peek into Alaska’s naval history with a visit to the Five Finger Lighthouse, the first lighthouse in Alaska. The lighthouse takes its name from the islands that were aptly named because sailors often said the rocky islets, some only visible during low...

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