“The best! I’ve rafted with R&O’s Robby Pitagora on three FANTASTIC river trips: the Grand Canyon, the Rogue, and Cataract Canyon. Robby is an awesome trip leader and person, and Rivers & Oceans is a world-class organization. I look forward to rafting with them again – they are fun, conscientious, environmentally-enlightened, safe… and did I say FUN? Way to go R&O… keep up the great work!”

-J. Wiedemann, July 2015


Nothing generates bonds, deepens friendships, and instills a sense of teamwork more than a shared adventure. If you’re planning a family reunion, organizational retreat, or an adventure with friends, chartering a private boat or river trip is a great way to create an intimate experience tailored to your group’s wishes, intentions, and adventure level.

Creating experiences of a lifetime is something we love to do and with over 30 years of adventure planning, we are experts at crafting the perfect trip for you and your guests. Give us a call and discover what is possible.


River rafting trips offer deep connection and transformative experiences for your group. Rafting trips put you in the heart of the great outdoors. No social media notifications chirping or emails chiming; no phones ringing or text messages beeping. Because of the participatory nature of a rafting trip, you quickly get to know everyone in your group by helping out and sharing your time. Days are a pleasant mix of exciting rapids, land exploration, and relaxing downtime at camp. Below are just a few of our favorite destinations:

  • Grand Canyon. Experience the Colorado River with a seasoned trip leader and experienced guides dedicated to sharing the very best of the Canyon with you and your guests.
  • Utah. The best Utah river trips for families include the San Juan, Desolation Canyon, Lodore Canyon, and Westwater Canyon.  If your group is looking for something a little more thrilling and advanced, Cataract Canyon and The Yampa River are options that provide an exciting adventure.
  • Rogue. The Rogue is the quintessential whitewater river trip for multi-generational families. If camping isn’t your thing, the Rogue offers lodge trips that combine river time by day with the comfort of indoor amenities at a cozy lodge by night.
  • Main Salmon. Enjoy the “River of No Return”, which offers a comfortable balance of land activity and soft-moderate level whitewater that various age groups can enjoy.

Geared for adventure, these small boat cruises are all about being immersed in the unspoiled wonders of nature while enjoying the camaraderie and comforts of life on-board a private yacht. Perfect for groups with varying adventure levels, these cruises offer the opportunity to get out into deep wilderness knowing that a hot shower and a comfy bed await. Expedition cruises offer guests a variety of activities like sea kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, snorkeling, and other excursions. Below are just a few examples:

  • Baja – El Mechudo Yacht. Imagine a trip to Baja, Mexico with the ability to charter a whole yacht and tailor the itinerary for six of your guests, an intimate and special experience without the crowds.
  • Alaska – Discovery Classic Yacht. Climb aboard a classic fantail yacht for a one-of-a-kind expedition in Alaska’s Inner Passages with ten of your guests and crew.
  • Hawaii – Safari Explorer. Explore four islands in a week with options to kayak, hike, snorkel, paddle board, or hang out onboard a boutique yacht and enjoy the view with your thirty-six guests.
  • British Columbia – Safari Quest. This yacht adventure offers an intimate experience for twenty-two guests that includes all the opportunities and luxuries without any hidden fees to explore the marine-rich Salish Sea.

For those looking for an adventure deep in the heart of nature that offers flexibility and variety, our multi activity expeditions are just the ticket! Many of these adventures revolve around a fabulous basecamp set up, offering guests the opportunity to explore new areas and activities during the day, returning to their cozy camp at night. Activity choices abound; try your hand at sea kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing, hiking, zip lining, fishing, and rappelling.  Multi Activity adventures are perfect for active guests who want a dynamic and playful experience. Below are just a few examples:

  • Baja. Multi-generational families or groups will love the Espiritu Santo Eco-Camp where up to 16 guests can choose from kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving, or more with the flexibility to customize each itinerary daily.
  • Belize. If you yearn for your own private island, a trip to Belize may be the perfect trip for your group. This Caribbean get away features rustic, but comfortable accommodations; unbeatable views; and lots of fun sport activities for your group of 27 or more guests.
  • New Zealand. Do it all! Tour New Zealand and visit a vineyard, raft a river, and set sail on the ocean with a native Kiwi guide and 12 of your guests on this one-of-a-kind trip!

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