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Awesome trip. I have a new raft family now.

-Liz K.


Whitewater rafting is more than a float down the river; it is an experience that offers a mix of adventure, connection, and relaxation. Rafting trips are the perfect way to unplug from the day-to-day stress of life and connect with something greater. Many trips are family friendly and can be tailored to your interests, timeframe, and adventure level. Whether you would like a gourmet trip with a chef-catered meal, a trip dedicated to yoga, or rapid intensive ride; we can help you find your perfect adventure.

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Rivers & Oceans

Adventure Comes in All Shapes & Sizes

Often, we correlate the word “adventure” with blood-pumping, adrenaline-spiking experiences. While there definitely are adventures that fit that hardcore mold, we know first hand that adventure does not mean that you must take on extreme conditions, elements, or...

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Think Rafting the Zambezi is Too Hardcore? Think Again.

This week we sat down with Hamish McMaster of Water by Nature who  shared with us what makes the Zambezi River in Zambia, Africa his “favorite river in the world”. Hamish is one of our newest partners, but his company has been offering exceptional expeditions for over...

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International Day of Action for Rivers

On every river in the world that can be run, there is someone running it.  And on every river in the world that is in danger, people are there to protect it. These are the people who make sure that the world’s most amazing rivers stay pristine, wild, full of life, and...

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Salt River Rafting

WHY WE LOVE THIS ADVENTURE EARLY SEASON A Salt River rafting trip is among the earliest rafting opportunities in the US. When the warm spring time sun melts the  mountain snow, this is the time to go rafting in Arizona. Perfect for Spring Break! GREAT FAMILY TRIP...

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Gather ‘Round for Adventure

Coming together makes this time of year special.  We gather with friends and family, sharing joyful moments, home-cooked meals, stories of the past, and our hopes for the future. The value of slowing down and sharing quality time with the ones we love is the true gift...

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A Call To Action – Save The Grand Canyon!

Friends of Grand Canyon: Rivers & Oceans is reaching out for your help on an urgent matter. The unthinkable has happened: Legislation was submitted late yesterday within the Navajo Nation for the Grand Canyon Escalade proposal (421 acres of development above the...

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