Whitewater Rafting


Awesome trip. I have a new raft family now.

-Liz K.


Whitewater rafting is more than a float down the river; it is an experience that offers a mix of adventure, connection, and relaxation. Rafting trips are the perfect way to unplug from the day-to-day stress of life and connect with something greater. Many trips are family friendly and can be tailored to your interests, timeframe, and adventure level. Whether you would like a gourmet trip with a chef-catered meal, a trip dedicated to yoga, or rapid intensive ride; we can help you find your perfect adventure.


Falling in love with the Grand Canyon

For nearly four decades, I have had the privilege of guiding and leading river expeditions in different corners of the world. However, my true love is running the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. It never gets old; riding the emerald waters...

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Tutus and Wine: White Water Rafting in Oregon

I’m not a serious outdoorsman. I’ve never been a river guide or worked in a national park. Heck, I used to fake a stomach ache to get out of going outside for recess. When I travel, I like to visit cities with nice restaurants, hotels, and running water, above all....

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Comment on National Monuments

BEARS EARS NATIONAL MONUMENT Send the Department of Interior your comments about the National Monuments   May 15, 2017 Hello Fellow Adventurers, For the next month, you can comment on the executive order to remove the status of many of our National Monuments -...

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Grand Canyon Solo Trip

The Beginning Geoff’s solo Grand Canyon journey, began in 1995. This is when he was first placed on the waitlist for a private, non-commercial river trip on the Colorado River. People at the bottom of the waitlist were waiting years as demand for these permits...

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