You don’t charge a fee for your service – how does that work?

Our services are at no additional cost because we receive a commission from our partner outfitters when we book a trip on behalf of our clients.

Why should I book my trip with you?

Our Team is made up of travel experts who care. Our mission is to save you time, share our knowledge, and offer our fee free service to help connect you to an enriching experience.

If I book through you, will I pay more for my trip?

No! We always guarantee the price of your trip is the same as booking direct.

Once I contact you, how long will I wait until I get a response?

We will call you back regarding your inquiry within 24 hours. If you inquire on a weekend we will get back to you within the next business day.

I don’t know which trip is right for me – will you help me decide?

Although we can’t make the final decision for you, we will listen closely to your interests and needs to help narrow down a list of trips that we think will best suit you. We believe that there is no “one size fits all” type of adventure and we work hard to match you with trips that will inspire, excite, and fulfill your sense of adventure.

Which is the best company to book a trip with?

We have partnered with trusted and reliable outfitters that will provide you with the best experience possible. Each outfitter is different, but with our insider knowledge, you will be one step closer to the best outfitter option based on your interests and needs.

Can Rivers & Oceans help me with additional travel logistics?

Yes! We can book additional regional reservations for you in conjunction with your expedition, something that outfitters will not do.  We also have tips on how to prepare for your trip and how to arrive rested and ready for your adventure.

Does Rivers & Oceans book airfare?

For some trips we can book local flights in and out of your destination, but we do not book domestic or international flights. However, we will save you time with travel tips to consider based on the trip logistics.

I want to arrange a private charter trip for my group – can Rivers & Oceans help me?

Yes. We can arrange for a private charter for both river and ocean trips. If you wish to arrange a private charter, our Custom Adventures department will guide you through.

I want a customized trip package – can Rivers & Oceans help me?

Yes! We work with locally based, well-established outfitters and guides who can create customized trip packages, giving you entrée into enchanting locations like no guidebook can. Whether you are planning a group experience or an adventure for two, our Custom Adventures department can handle the details.

I want to travel to a place that isn’t listed on your website – should I still call?

Yes! We are always expanding our areas of expertise to give you access to more exotic and remote locations. If you don’t see a location on our website, give us a call – many of our outfitters offer trips in other destinations – and we love exploring new trips! We’ll do our best to connect you to your best adventure.

Do you have any additional resources to help prepare me for my trip?

Our biggest resource is our Team of Adventure Booking Specialists. They are knowledgeable about every trip and can provide insight on what to expect and how to prepare. We also frequently post trips, travel Q&A’s, and helpful tips and tricks on our Waterblog and social media accounts. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us to learn more.

Where is Rivers & Oceans located?

We are located in Flagstaff, Arizona, a tiny mountain town surrounded by ponderosa pine forest. We are just an hour and half drive from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and think of this natural wonder as part of our backyard.