Grand Canyon White Water River Rafting


Choosing a Grand Canyon rafting trip that is right for you can feel overwhelming – navigating through 15 commercial outfitters, over 100 different trips, and other logistics can be tiring. This is where we step in. Since 1987, we have been the ultimate source for connecting people to Grand Canyon rafting. If you want to save time researching and speak with one of our Adventure Booking Specialists, give us a call at (928) 526-4575. We’ll answers your questions and guide you through the process. If you know you’re ready to raft, contact us and we’ll find the perfect trip for you.




We do the legwork for you, contacting ALL 15 Grand Canyon rafting outfitters and presenting you with a list of available trips that fit your timeframe and budget.


Get the real advantage; many of us are Grand Canyon river guides, we know ALL the trips, we’re local, and we have longstanding relationships with ALL the outfitters.


We’ll not only find you a rafting trip, we’ll help you get there by arranging local transportation and lodging (something most outfitters won’t do).


Our commission is paid by the outfitters we represent; the price of your expedition is the same as booking direct.

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Photos: Paxon Woelber


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